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Data Analytics Platform

RootMetrics is a trusted resource for the mobile industry, governments, press, and consumers alike. Presenting real-world reports on mobile performance and identifying the best wireless carriers around the world. Our design challenge was to identify and find solutions for current and potential issues with information architecture, navigation and wayfinding, information visualization, and visual design.

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Data Analytics

An increasing number of companies are creating products that combine data with analytical capabilities. Check out the clients we’ve helped solve data analytic problems.

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Mobile Industry

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Data Analytics

Business Intelligence


Information Architecture

Workflow Design

Visual Design


Building a Better Mobile Experience

Providing Accurate Mobile Data

Improving the End-User Mobile Experience 

Real-World Results Depend on Real-World Testing.

We partnered with the RootMetrics team to create a comprehensive information architecture, an intuitive user interface framework and behavior. We established a strong visual design framework for  RootMetrics. UXanimal re-designed Rootmetrics charts and maps to improve user experience and increase productivity.

Setting the Standard

RootMetrics continues to lead the mobile performance insight industry with their innovative data platform. Contact us today to learn more.

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Re-architected the site to emphasize RootMetric’s new data analytic platform offering.


Created fresh, intuitive visualizations for RootMetric’s complicated granular data.


Designed multiple platforms catered to different user’s needs.

Information Architecture

Created a comprehensive information architecture that supports usability and findability of thousands of data points.


Enabled stakeholders and customers to provide feedback to improve the design.


Assisted RootMetric’s through multiple platform designs.

Your Brand Experience —

has many touchpoints, all of which provide opportunities to connect with customers. UXanimal is driving innovation through experience design. 

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