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Amazon Giveaway

Online Giveaways to Promote Social Presence

Giveaway provides a fun, mobile-first experience for users. The user experience focuses on gamification, adding life and personality to the Amazon box. We created the on-boarding experience, marketing web page, HTML emails, social advertisements.


Your customer’s interaction with your brand goes far beyond your brick and mortar store. A positive physical and digital first impression are essential when it comes to generating brand trust and loyalty. Let us help you streamline your digital presence and delight your customers.

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Amazon Fashion

Conceptualizing the Future of Fashion

Instantly start publishing you posts, showcase your amazing work, and start selling you awesome products. The large collection of predesigned templates in StartIT lets you easily create the best blogging platforms, perfect portfolio presentations, and profitable online shops. And best of all, they’re all customizable, easy-to-use, and can be quickly modified to perfectly fit your business’s specific needs.


Set a solid foundation for your brand identity, next big project, or new idea. Our strategy services marry creativity with science and research you can trust.

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Amazon Smile

Donating to Charity by Shopping

Amazon Smile donates 0.5% of a customer’s purchase to a charity of their choice. We partnered with Amazon to design a streamlined onboarding experience, an onboarding flow for the mobile experience, and created presentations for executive review.


We design strategic marketing plans and personalized marketing campaigns that align with your goals.

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Amazon Local Associates

Helping Local Businesses

We are currently partnering with Amazon to help launch an exciting new program! More information to come.

Your Brand Experience —

has many touchpoints, all of which provide opportunities to connect with customers. 

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