Improving Healthcare Experiences by Implementing UX Design Thinking

UXanimal works with healthcare professionals to design solutions that meet their needs and improve patient outcomes. We like working with large healthcare systems to help healthcare professionals prepare for the challenges affecting their workflow and their patients’ experiences.



Electronic Health Records Made Easy

Valant is a modern, cloud-architected platform for electronic health records (EHR) and practice management. It provides enterprise behavioral health clinics with an extensible data model, highly configurable workflows, and a mobile app-inspired user experience, dramatically improving productivity across their customers’ organizations.

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Pharmacy Automation

Talyst sought to solve problems for in-hospital acute care pharmacies. Ensuring patients got the right medications and working with varying state safety requirements were the top priorities.


USERS: Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians, Doctors


INDUSTRIES: Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Inventory, Acute Care


DESIGN: Workflow Design, Process Design, User Research: Contextual Inquiry, Site Visit


Your Brand Experience —

has many touchpoints, all of which provide opportunities to connect with customers. 

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